Bowie 10″ Imbuia Burl


This is a Bowie knife, with a classic blade format and a more modern handle design. It was one of the knife taken to the III FACAS at Sorocaba – SP, where I had a so much good comments on my work, specially of the masters Jerry Fisk, Rodrigo Sfreddo and Luciano Dornelles. I was flattering and made me want even more keep developing this art!

  • SAE 5160, 10 inches, selective temper;
  • 5,4mm thick on the ricasso;
  • hand rubbed satin finish;
  • Double guard and ferrule in stainless steel to prevent rust and stain;
  • Handle made of Imbuia burl, a very nice natural wood from Brazil;
  • Mosaic Pin;
  • Cow leather sheath.

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